Roulette Quick Start Guide

Casino Parties Are Fun Roulette Table 2023

A Guide To Roulette . A Roulette table consists of a wheel, a ball, and a ‘layout’ (which shows the numbers from the wheel and other bets available. You player your bets onto the layout based on the number you think the ball is going to land at the end of the spin. The roulette ball is spun by the croupier in the opposite direction to that of the wheel, and all players will  be watching to see where the ball will stop.

Casino parties are fun uses the American type roulette wheel which has 37 compartments- one green marked zero and the other numbered from one to 36 red or black alternately.

The roulette layout, is where players place there bets. You can choose to gamble on an ‘outside’ bet(i.e. an even chance bet, red or black, odd or even, or bet on a whole dozen or column which would pay odds of 2 :1)

There are also different types of bets which have different odds: a bet on a single number, known as a ‘Straight up’ would pay 35 :1 ;

  • a bet on two numbers side by side on the layout, known as a ‘split’ e.g 8/11 . would pay 17:1;
  •  a bet on three numbers side by side on the layout (‘street’) e.g. 4/5/6, would pay 11:1
  • a bet on four numbers in a block on the layout (‘corner’) 8/9/11/12 would pay 8:1’
  • a bet on six numbers in a block on the layout (‘six-line’) e.g. 1/2/3/4/5/6 would pay 5:1

The minimum and maximum stake per bet will be shown at each table. You begin betting when the croupier announces “Place your bets” and must stop betting when Croupier declares the end of betting. When the ball falls into the winning number, the croupier places a “dolly” or Marker onto the winning number on the layout. All losing bets get removed and payout goes to winning bets.

These are the basics of Roulette.

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