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At your Casino Night, we exclusively feature professional-grade casino equipment and highly skilled casino dealers. Our comprehensive services cover everything from setup to breakdown, leaving you and your guests in awe. Whether you’re envisioning a Casino Party, Monte Carlo Night, Fundraiser, or Cocktail Party, we’ve got your needs fully covered. Our services extend to any location of your choice, be it your residence or another preferred venue.

Elevate your regular “Poker Night” or host a sophisticated Monte Carlo cocktail party for that special occasion. Organizing a fundraiser? Rest assured, we offer unbeatable rates to suit your budget. Reach out to us at 516.805.2679 for detailed information, and let the planning commence. Get ready to arrange a night filled with enjoyment, laughter, and anticipation for you and your esteemed guests.

A Casino Party brings an electrifying form of amusement that can be customized in various ways. Choose from a range of game options including Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold’em, Craps, Stud Poker, Slot Machines, Funny Money, and Money Wheels. Our adept dealers are more than willing to guide your guests through the game rules. The choice of gaming experience is entirely yours.

Guests can receive a set amount of “funny money,” which they can exchange for chips at the gaming tables. The individual with the highest accumulated winnings at the end of your event is crowned the victor and may receive prizes. While this is one approach to a prize casino, we’re delighted to tailor a casino experience to meet your unique preferences. Our pricing encompasses Casino Quality Equipment, funny money, and chips.

We remain at your service seven days a week, offering planning, consultation, and answering any inquiries at our dedicated event planning center. Our services extend to delivery, complete setup, and breakdown, all facilitated by professional dealers with remarkable expertise.

CasinoPartiesAreFun.com proudly holds the distinction of being the premier Casino Party & Event Planner in New York, NYC, Long Island, and surrounding regions. Numerous major companies and charitable organizations have entrusted us to infuse their events and fundraisers with fun and excitement.

However, our services extend beyond mega events. We’ve orchestrated a multitude of Private Casino Parties, ranging from intimate gatherings to larger affairs featuring up to 100 tables. There’s no event too small or too grand for us to handle. By choosing A Casino Event, you’re collaborating with a nationally recognized Casino Party Planner.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our selection of authentic casino-grade tables and equipment, as well as our professionally trained, exceptionally friendly casino dealers. All our event packages, even for a single table rental, include hassle-free delivery, setup, and breakdown. Yet, our services extend beyond equipment and dealers.

We offer complete Party Planning Services, featuring Casino Hosts, Pit Bosses, Master of Ceremonies, and Tournament Managers. Moreover, we assist in finding the perfect venue for your event. Additionally, we provide comprehensive Beverage Catering Services, including Skilled Bartenders, Friendly Wait Staff, Cocktail Menu Planning, and Stylish Portable Bar Rentals.

As if that wasn’t enough, we can further enhance your event with DJ’s, Audio/Visual Services, Lighting, and Photography/Videography services. We serve as your all-in-one hub for Party & Event Planning, ensuring your occasion is a resounding success.

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Before embarking on the planning of your Casino Party, it’s imperative to verify that the selected company provides a comprehensive array of key features and services, ensuring an exceptional event experience:

1. Casino Grade Tables & Equipment: Confirm that the company offers authentic and top-tier casino-grade tables and equipment for an immersive gaming atmosphere.

2. Optional Customized Table Layouts/Felts: Ensure the availability of personalized table layouts, including options to incorporate corporate logos or other custom designs.

3. Friendly, Professionally Trained Casino Dealers: Seek assurance that the company staffs highly trained and affable casino dealers to facilitate an engaging gaming experience.

4. Dedicated Planner 24/7: Confirm the presence of a dedicated event planner accessible via phone or email round the clock, offering planning and consultation services to meet your needs.

5. Skilled Bartenders & Waitstaff: Inquire about the provision of skilled bartenders and attentive waitstaff to enhance the beverage and dining aspects of your event.

6. Delivery, Complete Setup and Breakdown: Ensure that the company handles the logistics of delivery, meticulous setup, and efficient breakdown, providing a seamless event execution.

7. Casino Party Supplies: Verify the availability of a wide range of casino party supplies to create an authentic and captivating ambiance.

8. Customized “Funny Money” & Vouchers: Confirm the option to create personalized “funny money” and vouchers, adding a unique touch to your event.

9. Casino Table, Bartending Equipment & Party Rentals: Check for a comprehensive selection of casino tables, bartending equipment, and party rentals to cater to your specific requirements.

10. Beverage & Bartender Services: Inquire about beverage catering services and skilled bartenders to provide a delightful assortment of drinks for your guests.

11. DJ, Photography & Other Entertainment Options: Explore the availability of entertainment options such as DJ services, photography, and additional forms of amusement to elevate the overall experience.

By ensuring that these vital elements are offered by the chosen company, you can confidently proceed with planning your Casino Party, knowing that every facet of your event is meticulously taken care of.

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