Casino Table Rental

Black Jack Table

black jack table rental

Have up to 7 people play at once at our Black Jack Tables.


Dimensions: 6 1/2′ Wide x 3.5′ Long Table x 36′ Tall

Roulette Table

roulette table rental

Our Roulette Tables can have up to 8 players at once.

Dimensions: 8′ Long Table X 4′ Wide X 32′ Tall

Craps Table

Our Craps Tables come in two sizes, 9′ foot long table and the 12′ foot long table


Dimensions: 9′ and 12′ Long Table X 4.5′ Wide X 32′ Tall

Poker Table

Have up to 8 people play at once at our poker tables. We also offer Texas Hold’em.


Dimensions: 7 1/2 feet Long Table X 3.5′ Wide X 28” Tall

Money Wheel

Come spin the money wheel, it’s fun and easy to play!

Poker Chairs


Extremely comfortable, great for poker tournaments!

Above is some of the funny money we put together for our clients.

We customize the funny money to your event.

Just give us your picture or logo and we’ll do the rest!

Casino Chips

casino chips table rental

At our casino tables we provide 14 gram Vegas style casino chips.

Raffle Tickets

Trade in your casino chips to collect raffle tickets.

Raffle Drum

All raffle tickets will be collected towards the end of the casino event and dropped into the raffle drum.

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