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How to raise money with a casino night?

Casino Fundraisers are very simple to run.  Our Casino team will print  funny money, where you send us the logo of your event and we will print funny money to whatever denominations you require.

For starters create an amount of money that you charge for your venue food and drink and the cost of the casino tables divided by the amount of people that will attend.

The entry fee will include a 500 dollar funny money bill which your guest will bring to any casino table and convert that into chips. Durijng the course of the evening you can collect more revenue towards your fund and give your guests more funny money to continue playing the games.

Guests receive a set amount of chips for a donation to enter the event. These chips do not represent real money.

“Casino Fundraisers are a fun way to raise the maximum amount of money for your cause.”

What do you wear to a casino night fundraiser?

The Attire for a Casino Fundraiser is Generally formal for men and Women. Men should plan on wearing a nice suit or even a tuxedo for black tie event. If there was ever a time to break out that brand new suit this is it. Women generally will wear cocktail dresses and floor length gowns.

How do I host my own casino night?

8 Tips for Hosting a Successful Casino Night

  • Plan Early & Set Fundraiser Goals To Maximize Events Effectiveness
  • Hire Professional, Certified Dealers (
  • Rent Professional Equipment (
  • Choose A Charity For Fundraiser
  • Create A Theme
  • Refreshments and\or Servers for in between gameplay
  • Music
  • Prizes

What food to serve at a casino party?

Select Simple and portionalized food items that are inexpensive. Considering offering chicken fingers, cheese sticks, fish sticks or other bite sized items. Also add dipping sauces and side dishes. Don’t forget about dessert.

What happens at a casino party?

We set up tables at your venue of choice in advance to create the look and feel of an actual Las Vegas Casino. When the event starts, the guests at you your fundraiser are given funny money to buy chips at the tables. Once chips are purchased they can begin playing t o win prizes and raffle tickets to be cashed in at the conclusion of the event.

Can you have a casino party with real money?

No it is illegal to use real money in NY. All of our Casino Fundraisers are for entertainment and fundraising purposes only. Real Money is NEVER exchanged at the tables. Guests will be given Funny Money to purchase chips. The Funny money dollars make look real , but it isnt.

What is a gambling party called?

A Casino Party (also know as a monte carlo night) is an event where guests experience the thrill and excitement of playing at a real las vegas casino, but instead of you and your guests going to a casino to play, the ‘casino’ is brought to you!

What happens at casino night?

A Casino Night provides a fund and exciting opportunity for nonprofit organizations to offer limited gambling activities for fundraising purposes. Casino Nights use funny money instead of real money and can be used to play real casino games such as Poker, Roulette and blackjack.

What is a casino night with funny money?

Casino Nights are a common fundraising event for nonprofit organizations. Players in funny money nights play for the entertainments value only and with the knowledge that the proceeds from the night will benefit the charity.

What not to wear in a casino?

For Footwear do not wear sneakers or flip flops.  Casino Fundraisers tend be more casual for day time events then a night event. Males should wear collared or button down shirts and/ or suits and women should wear bluses and dressers or other formal attire.


Most events have gifts or raffle prizes for the top winners. Guests are given tickets or funny money which they can then exchange at any casino table for chips. If guests are unfamiliar with a game our friendly dealers will be happy to explain the rules to the ensuring a fun experience and atmosphere. At the end of the event guests turn in their chips for either raffle tickets or vouchers for a chance to win prizes provided by the host.


All of our pricing is based on 4 hours of actual play time. For additional hours, you will only be charged extra for the dealers, not the equipment

Are the parties for adults only?

Since our parties are for entertainment purposes only, our parties are all ages. Many Parties are for bar mitzvahs, graduations, birthday’s etc.

What types of events host casino parties?

Casino Parties are great for any kind of event. Whether it is a gathering of friends or a corporate extravanganza, we can help you plan the perfect party for you. Some events that cater to a casino night are : Corporate events, Fundraisers, holiday parties, graudation/prom, , customer/ employee appreciation parties, Bar Mitzvahs.

Can you have a poker tournament fundraiser?

Short answer is yes, depending on the number of attendees and buy in cost there is a lot of money to be made for your organization. Best of all, You can combine our poker tournaments with other fundraising options to further boost money raised for your event.

What is a Monte Carlo fundraiser?

Monte Carlo Nights is an alternative name for a Casino Night, a great way to celebrate or raise money for a charitable organization. Monte Carlo events give guests a chance to play at real Las Vegas style tables using “Funny Money” for a chance to win prizes or raise money for charity.

How do you make casino night fun?

Décor: In Tandem with our Las Vegas style tables and dealers, decorate venue accordingly such as posters, neon lights.  Provided good lighting with servers and bar for authentic casino feel.

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